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Close to Famous

May 28, 2011

 Joan Bauer writes for young adults, but I really enjoy her books. Close to Famous is funny, heartwarming, a bit sad, and sometimes exciting. It’s never, ever boring. I’m afraid I can’t say the same for some of the literary fiction I read. Actually, the only things missing from this book are recipes. Foster McFee, age 12, loves to bake. Her specialties are cupcakes and muffins. Her weakness is reading, so she memorizes all the recipes.

After a conflict with an Elvis impersonator in Memphis, Foster and her mother wind up in Culpepper, West Virginia. Living in an Airstream trailer, Foster bakes her way into the hearts of the people she meets in Culpepper, even a man called Angry Wayne. When she meets an almost famous actress, Miss Charleena, she gets another chance to tackle learning to read if she’s brave enough to try. A new prison in town hasn’t brought the jobs promised Culpepper, and a church may get torn down and turned into a taco joint. With the help of Amy at the hardware store, and Macon the short documentary filmmaker without a camera, Foster and Culpepper may find their dreams. For more information about the author, and a couple of cupcake recipes, visit her website.

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