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The Wilder Life

May 20, 2011

  I’ve been a fan of the Little House books by Laura Ingalls Wilder since I was a girl, and I’m just one of many, many fans. Wendy McClure started rereading the Little House books as an adult, and went looking for what she calls “Laura World”. She read everything she could find by and about Laura, got her boyfriend interested as well, and ended up visiting all the major sites mentioned in the books, as well as Burr Oak, Iowa, and the Rocky Ridge Farm in Missouri. Wendy even went to a musical about Laura featuring Melissa Gilbert as Ma Ingalls. I remember my sister Vicki talking about a road trip to Pepin to find the first little house site with her husband and daughter, and how it was rather out of the way and kind of a letdown. Wendy McClure would totally understand, but she found some of the things she hoped for on her trips and in her research. She also bought a few sunbonnets. For more about the author, visit her website here.  For more about Laura, I like her collection A Little House Traveler. I also enjoyed the other books about Laura’s mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother, although Wendy doesn’t mention if she read them.

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