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Kings of the North

April 5, 2011

 I first read a fantasy novel by Elizabeth Moon many years ago when her first book, Sheepfarmer’s Daughter was published. This was one of three books called The Deed of Paksenarrion. Paks is a farm girl who became a soldier, and eventually a paladin. She helped discover the rightful king of Lyonya, a land with humans and elves.

  Years later, after several science fiction adventure novels, Elizabeth Moon returned to Pak’s world with Oath of Fealty, followed this spring by The Kings of the North. Dorrin and Arcolin, both former captains of Kieri Phelan, are settling into their new rules, Dorrin as a woman running a dukedom, Arcolin leading Phelan’s company of mercenaries. Kieri Phelan, meanwhile, thinks his elven grandmother is avoiding him, and has many other problems on the horizon. Paksenarrion makes brief but memorable appearances.

   I like these books so much because of the memorable characters, excellent world building, and very good storytelling. If you don’t like fantasy, the author is also know for her book about autism, set in the near future, called The Speed of Dark. Read more at her website.

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