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100 Thing Challenge

February 26, 2011

A couple of years ago, Californian Dave Bruno realized he was too wrapped up in his possessions. He had collections of things for work, hobbies, and especially for dreams. Even dreams of projects that could perfect his good childhood, which is impossible. With a wife, three young daughter, a business, and way too much stuff, Dave needed to make a change. Gradually getting rid of personal possessions and clothes he didn’t need by selling, donating, or giving them to friends, he decided to live with 100 or fewer personal possession for a year. Described on his blog, and in his book The 100 Thing Challenge, he describes the process and the reactions of family, friends, and strangers.

Criticized for not counting possessions shared with his family, and for counting his library of books as a single “thing”, Dave found the experience humbling and liberating. Maybe he’ll never be a master woodworker in his garage, or create a large model train layout, or spend half the year in outdoor adventures, but perhaps it’s time to learn to surf instead. The book is short and interesting, but lacks something I suspect the blog had. There’s no hook to draw the reader in, no sense of walking through the experience with Dave, and not enough writing on similar 100 thing challenges he inspired.

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