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The Red Door

January 8, 2011

  This is one of the most interesting mysteries series I read, because the main character, Inspector Ian Rutledge, is so complex. Set after World War I, but with flashbacks. Ian is still recovering from shell shock, and is haunted by his sergeant, Hamish. The first book in the series is A Test of Wills. Interestingly, Charles Todd is actually the mother/son writing team of Charles and Caroline Todd. Read more at their website. Walter Teller, a former missionary disappears from a clinic, where’s he’s being treated for a sudden paralysis. His family drive all over looking for him, leaving his wife Jenny alone at the clinic. While Rutledge is helping search, he gets involved in the case of a violent robber attacking people on London’s Westminster Bridge. Also, his godfather comes to visit, and Ian is afraid he’ll learn his secrets. Then there’s a train crash. And finally, we learn about the red door. Florence Teller, in Hobson, Lancashire, painted her front door red to welcome her husband Peter home from the war. But he never came, and now she’s dead. Is there a connection to Walter Teller’s family, especially his (married) brother Peter? Will her talking parrot reveal anything?  There’s a lot of suspense, twists and turns, and I guessed completely wrong on several plot points. At the end, things are mostly resolved, but there’s still great uncertainty in Rutledge’s personal life.

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