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The Way of Kings, by Brandon Sanderson

November 28, 2010

  Are you going on a long trip, or taking a long vacation?  Do you have a lot of time on your hands you’d rather not waste watching TV? Then this is definitely the right book for you. At 1001 pages, this fantasy novel seems daunting at first. I admit, it took me 6 weeks to read, and I’m a fast reader. But I didn’t pick the book up every day, having other books to finish. But when I did pick it up, the next hour or so went by very quickly. Am I glad I read it? Yes, definitely. Is the end worth waiting for? I think the ending may be the best part of this book.  The main characters are: Shallin, a young scholar whose family wants her to study with Princess Jaznah and then steal her magical fabrial to replace the family’s broken one. Kaladin is a slave who knows medicine and spear fighting, but is reduced to hauling bridges from plateau to plateau in the Shattered Plain for armies to cross and trying not to get hit by an arrow on the way. Dalinar is the king’s uncle, and wears magical armor and carries a magical sword, but is plagued by visions whenever electrical highstorms hit the area. Men can’t read or write, and depend on women to take dictation, keep accounts, and read history to them. Eye color is a sign of rank; the lighter the better. The land has a long history, but most of it is forgotten from one disaster to another. Absorbing, highly creative, recommended for fans of fantasy. Read more at Sanderson’s website. Note: this is planned to be the first book in the ten book Stormlight Archive.

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