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WWW: Watch

July 16, 2010

WWW: Watch, by Robert Sawyer is the sequel to WWW: Wake, which came out last year. I recommend reading that first, but this book is interesting on its own. Sawyer is a Canadian writer with some of the most original ideas in science fiction. He writes about parallel universes, alien communication, neandertals, and more. His latest creation is Webmind, an emerging consciousness on the internet, which communicates with teen Caitlin Decter, who’s learning to see with some advanced software. A group at the NSA discovers Webmind and wants to destroy it, while Caitlin communicates with Webmind about having a purpose for existence, to see if Webmind can help humanity. Along the way, a bonobo-chimp hybrid named Hobo is affected. Hobo signs and paints, but is dealing with the more violent chimp side of his genetic makeup. A guest character is Dr. Stephen Hawking, who occasionally works with Caitlin’s autistic scientist father, Malcolm. For more about this series, see

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