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On a Dollar a Day

July 13, 2010

San Diego teachers Christopher and Kerri think they spend too much on food. This book, and their website, On a Dollar a Day, describe three ideas they tried. As you can guess from the title, they first decided to spend a month eating for only a dollar a day each, as many people do worldwide. I was intrigued, but not sure I wanted to read about this project; it sounded a bit depressing, but it isn’t. For a month, their meals are small and monotonous, but apparently tasty. They had burritos made with homemade totillas, rice and beans. Their typical dessert was peanut butter. They crave more fruit and vegetables, and have an argument about cookies. They both lose weight and worry their mothers.

Another month they try to eat as if they’re on food stamps, on the USDA thrifty food plan, which needed a lot of adapting as they’re vegan. Finally they start a long term healthy eating project, planting a garden and picking up a weekly box of local organic fruits and vegetables from an area farm.

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